Located in Madera, California

    Tattered Farms is a small family farm located in Madera, California. We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Free Range Chickens, and Beef Cattle. As with many people, we were doing our best to get away from the harsh chemicals, hormones, and preservatives found in store bought products. Our Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd is milked daily to provide the freshest milk possible. Using the best all natural ingredients in our recipes Tattered Farms Soap and Lotions are not only moisturizing, but have helped our family and many others with sensitive skin issues.


    We have been raising meat animals and a flock of laying hens for years for our family but this year we have added eggs and beef to our farm products offered. Our chickens lay a variety of shell colors and sizes. You will notice right away the dark orange of our chickens yokes. The more bugs, native grasses, acorns, and garden clippings they eat the more nutrient packed the eggs. We are happy to say, we do not have many creepy crawlers around our property because our free range chickens clean them all up. Our chickens roam 20 acres during the day and are closed up at night in the coop for their safety. If you have ever been to our farm, it is likely you had to dodge a chicken or two in the driveway. Our Ranch Raised Beef is raised here on the farm, either born here or brought in at a young age. That way we can be sure of what they eat and ultimate what our family and our customers eat.


    We are glad you found us and we hope to share our farm products with you.


  • Tattered Farms 

    Ranch Raised Beef 

    Buy your favorite cut of meat or fill your freezer with half, or whole side of beef. Or choose from a variety of individual cuts

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    Tattered Farms 

    Ranch Raised Pork 

    Buy your favorite cut of meat or fill your freezer with half, or whole side of pork. Or choose from a variety of individual cuts

    For pick up or local delivery only

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