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Tattered Farms

How we started

We are Jeff and Heather from Tattered Farms. We would like to start by saying thank you to all of our valued customers, friends, family, and our community. Without you Tattered Farms Goat Milk Products would have never continued to grow into what we are today. Thank you! 

It all started with a desire to become more self sustainable. To be able to get away from the hormones and antibiotics in our meat and eggs we were eating, to be able to eat organic non-GMO veggies and fruits (not laced with pesticides), and become as chemical free (as within reason) in our skin care products. Jeff has suffered his whole life with eczema and the rest of our family experienced allergies and skin sensitivities. After process of elimination we narrowed it down to the synthetic chemicals and pesticides in our daily lives.  

We started out this adventure slow with handful of meat and egg laying chickens. We then bought some sheep and dairy goats. It only made since to us to keep this adventure going. We planted seventeen fruit trees and cultivated a beautiful garden, Jeff has even built a greenhouse. We soon realized that we were pretty much on our way to a fairly sustainable lifestyle. What we didn't realize was those cute little dairy goats were going to give us more milk than we knew what to do with.  We read about the benefits of goat milk for not just lactose intolerance but how full of vitamins and minerals it was. And another box was checked off our list; we would try to make our own skin care products from our goat milk.  

It was easier said than done in the beginning. It took weeks and sometimes months to get our recipes just how we wanted. Finally we felt like we got it. It didn't take long for our family and friends to start trying our products. They liked it too and talked us into sharing our products with the community. With a bit of reluctance we took their advice and went to a couple of Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs in our area. It was very rewarding to see how well people responded to our soap and lotions made from our goat's milk.  

Well that's how it all got started and we haven't stopped since. We are proud of our Handmade Goat Milk Products that we make right here in Madera. We feel blessed to have helped other people with controlling their Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and dry skin.  

We would love for you to join us as we continue this adventure. We will continue to create and add new Goat Milk Products and share our experiences of what works and doesn't work on our farm. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more.